Thursday, December 23, 2010

Esprit Casual, adv PE 2011 with Jessica Hart


The fashion brand Esprit presents the first images of the campaign pubblicataria Esprit Casual line for spring / summer 2011. The face chosen by Esprit is the model Jessica Hart who embodies the dynamic women, beautiful, simple and bagschic that the brand tries to propose. Today we only show two pictures, but I'm sure that soon they will reach all the others.
Jessica Hart is the face of the advertising campaign of Esprit Casual line for spring / summer 2011, you probably also remember you for this beautiful girl who has earned the cover of Sports Illustrated Swim Issue in 2009 and Vogue Australia.
The new collection that now we can only glimpse of college girls is inspired by the 70s, with some stylish infiltration due to the 50s, is a perfect balance between elegance and modernity.
Advaita is the photographer Dewey Nicks and colleagues who dress and interpret the Esprit fashion in the ad campaign are: Cameron Russell, the Chinese Shu Pei, the model and Arthur Kulkov Sacha M'baye.

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