Monday, November 7, 2011

From the line B by Brian Atwood, the three new models of pumps Petisca

petisca-linea-b-by-brian-atwood-modello-in-suede petisca-linea-b-by-brian-atwood-tacco

Still interesting news from the collection by Brian Atwood B, this time to talk about back pumps, a field in which our favorite designer shoe-shod really, I just remember the kind of success is having a model like the Maniac! But here we are not in regular line of the designer, but the cheapest Brian Atwood has thought for us shoe-addicted, and indeed in practice Petisca cost half of a maniac, not bad, right?
Among other things, the collection B by Brian Atwood, we are seeing many models in the latter period, has the distinction of joining the ever glamorous and sophisticated aesthetic of the designer with greater convenience, without sacrificing the charm of shoes actually made to surprise and conquer!
The three models that I propose today and you can see better pictures in the photo galleries are called Petisca precisely, we speak of pumps designed in different variants, all equipped with 12.5 cm high heel and platform of up to 4 cm, in fact, remind us very the majestic heights of Maniac!
The first version is made of suede, the other two in calf leather, and of course among the three models could not miss a variant with animal print, the most glamorous fantasy of this fall winter 2011-2012 fashion designer that no one was able to resist in his collections!
Heels and stilettos placed for Petisca, which undoubtedly will make them slightly more comfortable than stilettos. The found online at the price of 350 euros or so, what do you think?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photo of the look of star to gala Elle Annual Women


Here's another party who shows us the look of star really sensational. I'm talking about the Hollywood gala organised by Elle Annual Women, which has gathered a lot of beautiful women in the world of entertainment, dressed up to attract the largest number of flashes of photographers always present at occasions like burberry handbags. And Sceptre of the more sensual, diva with the glamorous look, go to the beautiful actress Jennifer Aniston, who is presented with a minidress that will make the joy of all the boys: little is left to chance!

In our image gallery you can admire the look of star present. If Jennifer Aniston has delighted all with her short dress with silver Kaufmanfranco with dizzying neckline and long sleeves, joined to Sandals Balenciaga and a clutch of Ferragamo, other celebrities have not joked as a look.

Reese Witherspoon, for example, was most delicious crunchy in his sensual, feminine dress and elegant, with a little healthy effect see-no-I see that never fails. A chic navy blue dress with lace!

Much more austere Michelle Pfeiffer, who is presented with a long black dress. We would have expected something a little more from her, not found? Maybe too serious this outfit!

But in our image gallery you can see also the actress Evan Rachel Wood, Naomi Watts, Freida Pinto, who chose the style of Calvin Klein as party organized in London by the brand, more beautiful than another, you do not find?

Photo of Katy Perry and her look Giambattista Valli in pink


Katy Perry continues to propose his look made with the collaboration of major brands of fashion. As Giambattista Valli, the Italian fashion brand that we have recently seen parading during Paris Fashion Week catwalks for next spring-summer 2012. The opportunity to show us a dress of the brand's fashion line, in a pink version certainly does not go unnoticed, is actually private, no public event. It was simply to London to attend the musical "Ghost: The Musical", along with her mother-in-law Barbara Brand.

All pink for the beautiful Katy Perry, who for some time delight us with her hair in this decidedly unusual hues. But not only the hairstyle was enhanced by the color of femininity par excellence. From the series "the combination of color is my forte," here is that even her lips are colored a pale pink glamour. Not to mention, then selected apparel.

After having shown his outfit to telephone booth brand Cheap and chic burberry handbags, now Katy Perry avails itself of the collaboration of the Italian fashion designer. The singer chose to wear a dress with her hair dyed here is that by the autumn-winter 2011/2012 exits out of Giambattista Valli dress really interesting.

A really interesting look, proposed in a color very glamour. On the internet you can find other versions of this dress, black and white or red, with rates hovering around 2, 365.22 euros. Mica.

Ah, for the record: his original shoes are red soles fashion brand Christian Louboutin pumps, Pigalle, choices in black!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cesare Paciotti Suede boots with high heels


News yet beautiful in autumn-winter collection 2011-2012 by Cesare Paciotti, take a look at these boots, not love? According to me they are fabulous! The model is the most fashionable in this season, suede leather boots with high heels are 12 cm and 2 cm inner plateau, and of course have ballpoint Cesare Paciotti logo in sight. The shape is enhanced by wholesale handbags around the instep and the interior is lined, a boot in a beautiful color ultra chic and very glamorous, you're in love you too, right?

We have already seen some of the models in the collection of boots for fall-winter 2011-2012 by Cesare Paciotti, in addition to the line of ankle boots, the whole winter collection is really wonderful, is not surprising then that shoe-addicted adore the brand!
These boots can be found at for the price of 398 euros.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hearts pop of Juicy Couture, irony and style in low cost version


Juicy Couture bags are beautiful and spirited, my heart was won over by the fabulous Generation Y Op Art Tote, a simple model and very romantic, a perfect day bag for all women who want a bag to take with itself. The Generation Y Op Art Tote is spacious and colourful, I find it a very clever and interesting purchase because you can take with you and the price is absolutely accessible! Anyone like Juicy Couture puts in his Juicy Couture bags all what a woman wants!

The Generation Y Op Art Tote by Juicy Couture is part of the collection spring/summer 2011, the bag is made of heavy fabric declined in a fabulous turquoise side we have a beautiful heart printed with a decoration with rose and turquoise, the heart is then illuminated by White Sequined and iridescent.

This stylish handbag is really interesting and pretty, a perfect model for everyday life that you can bring with you to work, shopping, paperwork and tedious commissions, even on the beach and swimming pool.

We have large double handles and closing with the magnetic clips, instead we find inside pockets for storing things more valuable.

This bag is really cute, I like a lot, and I am sure, who made a breach in your hearts! The price is only € 67.03, not bad, right?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Flowers bloom on precious Zagliani clutch


Zagliani bags are very valuable and sought after, this brand is a genuine Python skin guru, manages to create small wonders just using this exotic leather and lots of imagination, experience and creativity. Today we see along a bag Zagliani free enough, not that it particularly frou frou this model, but placed in the context of exchanges to which we are accustomed, this breath of colors is very pleased, it smells of a rich spring!

Zagliani is a much loved brand by women and especially by celebrities, such as Rihanna, lately it is wearing a lot, but in the past was inseparable from his Puffy Bag.

The bag that you proposed this today is the Pleat Painted Python Shoulder Bags that is part of the collection spring/summer 2011 Zagliani, a very cute and feminine. The new bag Zagliani is made of Python skin, decorated with a stylish floral print on shades of pink Strawberry and green light and dark, a mix of very varied and captivating shades.

The Pleat Painted Python Shoulder Bag in addition to having a valuable material and a fascinating, also presents a very nice design. The bag is a bag with soft shapes with slightly curled closing and the flap on the front on which we find a beautiful bow.

The price is $ 2495.69.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Stella McCartney Fruit-Print Falabella Tote


The British designer Stella McCartney continues to propose new versions of its it-bag Falabella for spring/summer 2011. The Fruit-Print Falabella Tote is the last arrived, and as its name suggests, colourful fruit characterise the printing of this bag. Most fruits are specifically citrus Orange lemon and some many: a juxtaposition without a doubt, in stark contrast with the modern design with rock of Falabella. The fruits are arranged in an orderly, almost a frame showing the white color of this bag, always present.

I confess that McCartney had already amazed with the Botanical Print of Falabella and not positively Add. But by the time I learned to appreciate it, understanding and admiring the particularities of its printing.

With this Falabella Fruit-Print has been the opposite, which I liked very much at first glance, but after I started to realize that hardly go around with a bag that has printed over lemons! Of course we're talking about getting a tote signed Stella McCartney, and then we know how the designer is a nature lover and convinced ecologist. We have also seen his stylish eco-friendly building, totally made of raffia Iris.

If the Falabella Fruit-Print has convinced, you can buy on the internet at a price of € 1,650.

Fratelli Rossetti shoes Hobo in limiter edition


Fratelli Rossetti celebrates the success obtained by the Hobo, the limited edition shoe called the "dark without shaking" for the specialties of his model, launched for the collection spring-summer 2011 shoes with another exclusive limited edition. The Hobo is having success worldwide, Fratelli Rossetti has decided to create another template that will be distributed only in flaghship store in Milan and Paris.

We have already talked about the Hobo model, its particular shape, a mix between a derby and a Oxford, peculiarity that just gave him the nickname that I said at the beginning of the post. For now were available in the store brand in three colors, while the limited edition, which you see in the picture, you can buy it only in two stores, one in Milan and Paris.

The model is implemented in Python, a soft material with which the shoe Hobo becomes even richer, valuable and original. Obviously its main characteristic, namely the shabby-chic, nature that made entering of bullying in the list of must-have shoe of summer 2011, not less, but increases its elegance and refinement.

Only 200 pieces are available numbered, since April, and, I repeat, only stores Fratelli Rossetti in Milan and Paris. If you want to know the price then you need to contact the sales office, because it is only on request.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Michelle Obama to Jason Wu dress blue


Michelle Obama Barack has accompanied her husband in San Salvador and, as always, it was an elegant and valuable Companion. These days the world is experiencing a period of darkness between the earthquake in Japan and the war in Libya, the important trip of the President of the United States in Latin America went almost according to plan, yet it is truly a historic event, which was organized to turn the page on the problematic relations between the two countries and to open a new era of cooperation.

Michelle Obama was the guest of first lady of El Salvador, Vanda Pignato, during a visit to Ciudad Mujer Center of San Salvador, on this occasion both have raised beautiful dresses, designer and stained.

Michelle presented fasciata in Jason Wu cocktail dress, a Bohemian and chic with a soft black flowers in a beautiful shade of blue. This dress is part of the collection Resort 2011 and it is very nice in my opinion! This dress a PIN always blue and the door with decolletes medium heel inflected in various shades of blue.

Vanda Pignato instead chose a very simple and cute dress signed Christian Dior, a Lavender Purple sheath with shoulder straps and the zip on the back. The particularity of this dress is the edge of the skirt, smerlettato a simple, almost trivial detail, but very cute! She is more natural to Michelle, complete the look with pumps color powder.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chanel collection On Paris Fashion Week A / W 2011-2012


Chanel, one of the most exciting brands on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week 2011, showed his highly anticipated new fall / winter collection 2011 2012. A decidedly masculine collection that was presented during the fashion week in Paris, which we're showing the most beautiful parades. Chanel, led by its creative director Karl Lagerfeld has dressed women from men offering very few very few pants and skirts and many hiking boots. A real revolution, a bit 'like the one made at the beginning of 900 that took off from Coco Chanel invented the corset and the jersey fabric.
Karl Lagerfeld has metaphorically threw away his heels and replaces them with boots. The models, all with a strong and hard look on his face, looked like an angry army of Amazons, and brought with her hair wildly to the side, ready to trample on (and not to tread ..) a particular runway.
3D, a trend that has captured Dior, makes its appearance in this collection where everything is three-dimensional fabrics that are full of washing, decoration and embroidery, jackets, which become double. You see even mechanical suits, wool boucle or lace.
Poorly of the parade, skirts, almost disappeared except for some clothes and creations for the evening. Colors such as green, black and dark gray, finally, erase every trace of lightness and femininity. A collection that surely particular, as can like it or not, will be talked about.
The leader who is definitely not gone unnoticed is the legendary 2.55, proposed in December in an exclusive version for the boutique in Milan, which is enriched with a strap on his shoulders, a sort of turning point for a rock classic.

UGG Launches Online Deluxe Collection for autumn / winter 2011-2012


UGG also decided to jump into the realm of luxury accessories. The Australian brand that in recent years has built its reputation on the iconic sheepskin boots, very warm and very durable, has created for the Autumn / Winter 2011-2012 Collection Ugg's new line. Will be thirty pieces of this collection deluxe, where there will be space for shoes, boots, bags and boots as well, just like what you see in the picture above. All pieces made from Italian materials.
The autumn / winter 2011-2012 has not started yet and already promises to be full of novelty. In fact, this week we showed you a little all over the landscape of the new collections, fashion weeks in Milan, which ended a few days and to Paris, where in recent days will also reveal the new capsule collection of Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld.
Among the big news this season is also the debut of Ugg in the luxury segment. The brand known for its colorful sheepskin boots has decided to expand its offerings through implementing the Ugg Collection, a line of shoes and accessories targeted at an audience of high-end.

Will be around thirty pieces involved in this deluxe line, including boots and ankle boots, but also bags, such as handbag and tote. It is interesting to know that Ugg, to make this line very valuable, decided to stake everything on Italian materials, such as Tuscan leather, merino wool, suede and other fine leather, that only in Italy are treated with traditional methods.