Monday, March 28, 2011

Stella McCartney Fruit-Print Falabella Tote


The British designer Stella McCartney continues to propose new versions of its it-bag Falabella for spring/summer 2011. The Fruit-Print Falabella Tote is the last arrived, and as its name suggests, colourful fruit characterise the printing of this bag. Most fruits are specifically citrus Orange lemon and some many: a juxtaposition without a doubt, in stark contrast with the modern design with rock of Falabella. The fruits are arranged in an orderly, almost a frame showing the white color of this bag, always present.

I confess that McCartney had already amazed with the Botanical Print of Falabella and not positively Add. But by the time I learned to appreciate it, understanding and admiring the particularities of its printing.

With this Falabella Fruit-Print has been the opposite, which I liked very much at first glance, but after I started to realize that hardly go around with a bag that has printed over lemons! Of course we're talking about getting a tote signed Stella McCartney, and then we know how the designer is a nature lover and convinced ecologist. We have also seen his stylish eco-friendly building, totally made of raffia Iris.

If the Falabella Fruit-Print has convinced, you can buy on the internet at a price of € 1,650.

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