Monday, June 20, 2011

Flowers bloom on precious Zagliani clutch


Zagliani bags are very valuable and sought after, this brand is a genuine Python skin guru, manages to create small wonders just using this exotic leather and lots of imagination, experience and creativity. Today we see along a bag Zagliani free enough, not that it particularly frou frou this model, but placed in the context of exchanges to which we are accustomed, this breath of colors is very pleased, it smells of a rich spring!

Zagliani is a much loved brand by women and especially by celebrities, such as Rihanna, lately it is wearing a lot, but in the past was inseparable from his Puffy Bag.

The bag that you proposed this today is the Pleat Painted Python Shoulder Bags that is part of the collection spring/summer 2011 Zagliani, a very cute and feminine. The new bag Zagliani is made of Python skin, decorated with a stylish floral print on shades of pink Strawberry and green light and dark, a mix of very varied and captivating shades.

The Pleat Painted Python Shoulder Bag in addition to having a valuable material and a fascinating, also presents a very nice design. The bag is a bag with soft shapes with slightly curled closing and the flap on the front on which we find a beautiful bow.

The price is $ 2495.69.