Monday, July 18, 2011

Hearts pop of Juicy Couture, irony and style in low cost version


Juicy Couture bags are beautiful and spirited, my heart was won over by the fabulous Generation Y Op Art Tote, a simple model and very romantic, a perfect day bag for all women who want a bag to take with itself. The Generation Y Op Art Tote is spacious and colourful, I find it a very clever and interesting purchase because you can take with you and the price is absolutely accessible! Anyone like Juicy Couture puts in his Juicy Couture bags all what a woman wants!

The Generation Y Op Art Tote by Juicy Couture is part of the collection spring/summer 2011, the bag is made of heavy fabric declined in a fabulous turquoise side we have a beautiful heart printed with a decoration with rose and turquoise, the heart is then illuminated by White Sequined and iridescent.

This stylish handbag is really interesting and pretty, a perfect model for everyday life that you can bring with you to work, shopping, paperwork and tedious commissions, even on the beach and swimming pool.

We have large double handles and closing with the magnetic clips, instead we find inside pockets for storing things more valuable.

This bag is really cute, I like a lot, and I am sure, who made a breach in your hearts! The price is only € 67.03, not bad, right?

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